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Mr Charlton

Out for our Morning Mile! (Well, 1.5km to be precise!)

For the months of September and October (weather permitting) we intend to do a daily “Morning Mile” (morning 1.5 kilometre just doesn’t have the same ring to it!).

 There’s no messing with gear or anything like that, just high-viz vests and off we go for a brisk morning walk. The fresh air and exercise is the perfect way to wake up our brains and bodies and gets us off the best possible start to our busy day.

We welcome any company (as long as you can keep up!).


Rounders Time!

Spending our JEP profits in Westport House! Photo gallery

Our Junior Entrepreneur project has come to an end and Super Smoothies Ltd has been wound up.

Today we got to spend the remainder of our profits having already purchased ukuleles.

We had an absolutely fantastic day in Westport House! We enjoyed the flume ride, swinging ship, cannon ball run, swan pedal boats and the train.

As you can clearly see from the pictures below, a mighty day was had!


Wildflower Walk! We found wood sorrel, primroses, common dog violets and more!

Our school is situated in such a beautiful place! Just outside our school gate is a lovely, quiet road which hosts a plethora of wild flowers. These flowers are currently enjoying their moment in the sun before the deciduous trees overhead develop their canopy.

 Our task this morning was to find wildflowers and write a detailed description in our copies which we would then use to help us identify the flowers upon our return to the classroom.

We took note of the petals, describing their colour, shape and size and the number of petals. We also examined the stems and foliage. We found a huge variety with many shades of yellow, pink, purple and white.

When we returned to class, we used iPads, Chromebooks and laptops to identify all of our discoveries.

So far, we have identified

  • Primrose
  • Cowslip
  • Forget-me-not (field)
  • Lesser Celandine
  • Opposite leaved golden saxifrage
  • Common dog violet
  • Wood-sorrel
  • Cow Parsley
    We also found the foliage of the wood anemone but there’s no sign of their flowers just yet!

Marvellous Marbling, viewfinders and #sowandgrow

A busy day in the senior room!

Today we used marbling inks and water to create some beautiful patterns.

We each placed a few drops of ink on the surface of some water and transferred the colours onto our paper. 

 We will use these strips of paper to make decorative and unique bookmarks or photo frames.

With the bits of paper we had left, we made viewfinders to help with our drawing. 

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on using our pencils to create light and shade, creating thin and thick lines.

Finally, our seeds are doing really well!

We sampled some of our greenery today! The peas and spinach were an absolute hit, but the cress received a mixed reaction!

Phew, busy day! 

Ringforts in Mayo – History activity for Senior Room

Image Source:



Following our lesson on the Céide Fields, click on the link below to read about the Archaeological Survey undertaken during the construction of the Charlestown Bypass.


Use the document to answer the following questionnaire:


Sow and Grow 2016 

We returned to school this week with an extra hour of daylight, a bit of warmth in the air and a definite feeling that spring had finally sprung! So we were especially delighted to receive our “Sow & Grow” kit from Innocent Ireland and GIY.

The pack contained a bag of organic compost, a bunch of paper cups and 3 packets of organic seeds including spinach, peas and cress.

We immediately got busy, with a big majority of the children choosing peas and only two opting for cress!

We’ll monitor the progress of our seeds over the coming days and weeks and post results here.  

Which will be first to break ground? Peas, spinach or cress? Stay tuned!

Crafty 4th, 5th & 6th! Memory boxes for our mammies!

It’s Friday, yay! 😎

Also, Morhers’ Day is this weekend so we created some gorgeous memory boxes as gifts for our wonderful mammies!


TY Peer4Peer with @StLouisCS & The Power of Twitter with @blognamara

We had a very interesting morning today as we were joined by Ciara, Cillian, Jade, Nicole & Rebecca who are all Transition Year students in St Louis Community School in Kiltimagh.

They delivered a lovely lesson on communication skills which went down very well with 4th, 5th & 6 classes. They will return for another 3 lessons, covering important topics such as bullying and Internet safety.

Meanwhile, this coin showed up in our school shop:

No, it’s not €2, look closely!

We were totally at a loss as to its origins so we took to Twitter:

Just 11 minutes later we had an answer courtesy of our friends in Glór na Mara National School in Tramore, Co Waterford:

So now we know, thanks guys! How cool is that?!! 🙂

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