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3rd and 4th Class boys to compete in FAI Schools Futsal competition

FAI Schools Futsal for 3rd/4th Class The boys of 3rd and 4th classes will participate in the local Futsal competition to be held in Breaffy House Sports Centre on November 24th. Our boys have been drawn in Group A which will see them pitted against Breaffy NS, St Pats NS (Castlebar) and Snugboro NS. The top team… Continue reading 3rd and 4th Class boys to compete in FAI Schools Futsal competition

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Paper Helicopters for #scienceweek

The competition is heating up in Craggagh ahead of our Plane Making Competition which will take place on Friday. We've discovered that our paper planes will need both thrust and lift to stay in the air. We will provide thrust by throwing our planes...that's the easy part! The lift must come from our design.   Today we explored gravity and air resistance… Continue reading Paper Helicopters for #scienceweek

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Plane making competition for #scienceweek15

It's time to get designing! There'll be lots of science related activities throughout the school next week as we celebrate #ScienceWeek15 which runs from November 8th to 15th. On Friday we will be holding a competitive friendly paper plane making contest! 😉 Details below: Planes need two things to stay in the air, "thrust" and "lift". You will… Continue reading Plane making competition for #scienceweek15

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St Louis Musical and Fighting Words Writers’ Workshops – Field Trips for 3rd – 6th Classes

FAO parents of children in 3rd - 6th clases Two trips have been organised for the children of 3rd to 6th classes for next week. On Tuesday (Nov 10), we will attend a performance of “Hairspray” by the TY students in St Louis Community School in the Town Hall Theatre.  The bus will depart the… Continue reading St Louis Musical and Fighting Words Writers’ Workshops – Field Trips for 3rd – 6th Classes

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Some spooky #mathsweek15 Puzzles!

(Classroom activity for the Senior Room) Here's a few puzzles to round off Maths Week 2015! Q 1 See if you can solve these spooky Hallowe'en Cryptograms Click link to view: halloween_cryptogram_1 Q 2 Complete this easy Hallowe'en Sukoku using the letters "BATS" Click here to view: halloween_sudoku_easy Q 3 Complete this tricky Sudoku using the letters… Continue reading Some spooky #mathsweek15 Puzzles!

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#mathsweek15 Maths Trail – Angles, Measures & Maps

(Classroom activity for Senior Room) Welcome to our maths map challenge. You'll need your ruler, a trundle wheel, a laptop/iPad and of course, your maths copy and pencil! Crucially, you need this link to Scoilnet Maps Answer the following questions in order. 4th class, do at least as far as Q10 5th class, do at… Continue reading #mathsweek15 Maths Trail – Angles, Measures & Maps

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First #MysterySkype of the year! @SignalKnobMS

For our first Mystery Skype this year we connected with Ms Richman's 7th Graders in Signal Knob Middle School, Virginia, USA. Mystery Skype is an educational game played between two schools anywhere in the world, over Skype. The aim of the game is to locate the school you have connected with by asking only yes/no… Continue reading First #MysterySkype of the year! @SignalKnobMS

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Volcanoes (Classroom activity) We're currently learning about Pompeii in history but now we're going to look a little closer at volcanoes all around the world. Use the links provided to answer the following questions. Britannica link 1 Approximately how many potentially active volcanoes are there in the world today? Hot melted rock is called magma. What do we call… Continue reading Volcanoes