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Alannah’s Great Grandfather’s War of Independence Medals #rang1916 @mayo_history @dfarchives

We’re studying all things 1916 in history these days as we lead up to next year’s centenary celebrations.

We are particularly interested in local stories about Craggagh, Kiltimagh & Balla and the lives of the people who lived here.


Medals awarded to Martin McNicholas , Carnahan, Craggagh, Co Mayo

 Today, Alannah brought in these medals which were awarded to her great grandfather, Martin McNicholas, Carnahan, Craggagh, for his activities during the period of the Irish War of Independence.

You can read more about these medals on the Military Archives website.

The medal on the left above (green, orange and black ribbon) is the Truce Commemoration Medal awarded to veterans still alive on June 11, 1971 which was the Jubilee of the 1921 truce.

The medal on the right is the Service (1917 – 21) Medal. This medal was awarded in two classes:

  • (a)  Medal with bar to persons who are in possession of a military  service certificate entitling them to a pension under the Military Service Pensions Acts in respect of active service in the period subsequent to 1916 and prior to 11 July 1921 and to those persons not in possession  of a certificate who satisfy the Minister for Defence that had they applied for a pension, their service was such as would have  merited the award of a pension.
  • (b)  Medal without bar to persons who were members of Óglaigh na hÉireann (Irish Republican Army), Fianna Éireann, Cumann na mBan or the Irish Citizen Army for the three months ending on 11 July 1921.

During the early 1970s when DeValera was president, he invited veterans to apply for these medals and pensions, by listing their activities and referencing their contemporaries as proof.

Many thousands were awarded medals and pensions during this time. Below is the account of Dan Moran from Derryvohey, Craggagh (Mr Charlton’s grandfather) who was also awarded his medals in 1971.


Dan Moran Pension Application pg 1
Dan Moran Pension Application pg 2

 This was an amazing time in Irish history and our area is no exception. There’s loads to explore and we’ll publish what we find here.

If you have anything relating to this period of history, especially if it relates to our locality, please get in touch. We love local history, especially if we can use primary sources. 

We’d love oral stories, written records, photographs, medals, membership books, oath cards etc.

Thank you for your help and stay tuned!


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