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Paper Planes Competition – the results are in! #scienceweek Amazing work!

Conor reached over 11m with this effort

We had some absolutely fantastic entries for our paper plane competition today. We saw a great range of designs from students right throughout the school.

Our longest flight was recorded at 11m 30cm by Oisín in 4th class, making him the Senior Room winner. TJ recorded the longest flight in the middle room with 9m 58cm and Saoirse was the Junior Room winner with a very impressive 9m.

Saoirse in Senior Infants reached an incredible 9m!

 There was some brilliant learning throughout the week as children tested and tweaked their designs aiming for the longest flight time possible. We noticed today that some of the planes that flew furthest had small bodies with wide wings which were folded along the edge, with a very pointy tip. The people with this type of design didn’t have to throw their planes very hard as they glided very well (i.e. they had good lift).

Oisín’s plane however, was very narrow all over, much like the supersonic Concord aeroplanes. This allowed Oisín to fling his plane very hard (thrust) which is where he found his amazing distance.

Prize winners 2015

Congratulations to everybody who took part, what a great way to end #ScienceWeek2015!

Junior Room
Junior Infants
1st Sarah & Dónal
2nd Dara
3rd Ellen
Senior Infants
1st Saoirse
2nd Seán
3rd Ronan
Middle Room
Overall Winner TJ
1st Class
1st Seán McD
2nd Conor
3rd Saoirse K
2nd Class
1st Shayne
2nd Class Ellie
3rd Vanessa
3rd Class
1st Holly
2nd Adam
3rd Tara
Senior Room
Overall winner Oisín 4th class
4th Class
1st Conor
2nd Cara
3rd Jack
5th Class
1st David
2nd Alannah
3rd Scott
6th Class
1st Amy
2nd Anna
3rd Laura
School Overall Top 5
Oisín Cronin 11m 30cm 4th class
Conor Dwyer 11m 05cm 4th class
Amy McNicholas 9m 97cm 6th class
TJ McNicholas 9m 38cm 3rd class
Saoirse Murray 9m Senior Infants

View slideshow below to see some of the action

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