Mr Charlton

#mathsweek15 Maths Trail – Angles, Measures & Maps

(Classroom activity for Senior Room)

Welcome to our maths map challenge. You’ll need your ruler, a trundle wheel, a laptop/iPad and of course, your maths copy and pencil!

image credit: PDST via Scoilnet
Crucially, you need this link to Scoilnet Maps

Answer the following questions in order.

4th class, do at least as far as Q10

5th class, do at least as far as Q17

6th class…….do them all!

  1. What is the length and width of your maths copy?
  2. What is the length and width of your table?
  3. What is the length and width of our classroom?
  4. What is the length of our basketball court?IMG_0694(1)
  5. How many windows are there on our school?
  6. How many vertical right angles can you see in our football pitch?IMG_0691(1)
  7. How many right angles are there on the large gate into the field?IMG_0692(1)
  8. How many acute angles can you find on the basketball frame?
  9. How many obtuse angles can you find on the basket ball frame?IMG_0693(1)
  10. How many right angles can you find in the yellow markings on our basketball court?
  11. How long is the runway at Knock Airport?
  12. How much longer than our basketball court is the runway?
  13. What is the distance by road from Derryvohey to Ballinamore Bridge?
  14. Which is nearer to the school, Balla or Kiltimagh Post Office? By how much?
  15. How many times could our basketball court fit along the runway of Knock Airport?
  16. What is the area of your copy, table and classroom?
  17. How many tables could we fit inside our classroom? (without stacking them!)
  18. Using the map, what is the area of our school field?
  19. How many times would our school field fit inside Tesco, Castlebar.5122197eafea9
  20. As the crow flies, what is the distance to The Spire on O’Connell St?
  21. Find out how tall The Spire is.
  22. If The Spire was laid down flat on the road outside our school with the base at our school, where would the top be? (Use trundle wheel)

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