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Theatre Outing For Our Infants!


Our Infant classroom are in for a real treat next month, culture buffs that they are! They’re off to the Linen Hall Theatre in Castlebar to see an exciting show called “Conor: At The End Of The Universe” on October 28th.

This show is part of the Linen Hall’s fabulous Roola Boola Children’s Art Festival.

There are loads of other exciting events happening during the festival, but be sure to book early!


Conor is on a mission.
A mission to get to the outer edge of the Universe before he runs out of time. But how long until the end of the Universe? How much space? How much time?

Conor: at the end of the Universe is a sensory and artistic journey through space at time-bending speeds. This stunning and engaging production, from the company that created Monster/Clock and Human Child, uses puppets, design, animation and music as Conor and his granddad bring you places that you’ve never seen before.
Ages:  4- 6 (and for people who remember what it was like to be 4-6!)

Travel details etc will issue from the school closer to the date.

<p><a href=”″>Dan Colley : Conor: At the end of the Universe</a> from <a href=”″></a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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