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Dragons Den in Craggagh NS!@JEP_national @ballaflorists 

We’ve been researching the idea of “entrepreneurship” for the last number of weeks (see previous post here) and planning our individual projects.

The Super Smoothies Team


This week, each of our 5 groups had to face the dragons and pitch their ideas. The winning pitch would go on to be the “Big Idea” which would be adopted by the whole class.


Our 5 groups were:

  1. Bark Busters – Anna, Anna, Lily
  2. Don’t Burst My Bubble – Cara, Oisín, Jack, Scott
  3. Fun Buns – Alannah, Noah, Conor
  4. Green Earth Candles – Amy, Ciara, Sarah
  5. Super Smoothies – Laura, David, Cara

Each group had to research their product, cost their materials and set a selling price before meeting the dragons.

A grilling from the dragons!


We were delighted to be joined by Judy Roche from Balla Florists. Judy has run a successful florist business in Balla for a number of years. Balla Florists are former winners of the Irish Wedding Florist Of The Year and are now the biggest wedding florists in Mayo. Judy employs 6 people, full and part time. They have recently moved to a beautiful new premises in the heart of Balla town.


Judy was joined in the Dragons’ chairs by Ms Moore!

Our groups had prepared posters, digital presentations and in some cases, prototypes of their product for the Dragons’ perusal. The dragons gave our pupils a serious grilling on their proposals, questioning their figures and research. They also got to sample some beautiful cupcakes and smoothies!

The way to a dragon’s heart…..

 Finally, the dragons retired to make their decision. It wasn’t easy but the winning submission was “Super Smoothies”.


The whole class will now turn their attention to the Super Smoothies idea. We will hold our “Launch” next Tuesday, March 8th in the Community Centre after our Modern Dance performance with Nikki.

The Bark Busters Team




The Green Earth Candles Team



The Fun Buns Team


The Don’t Burst My Bubble Team



The “Smoothie of the Day” will be “Raspberry Rush”, a gorgeous blend of frozen raspberries, fresh apples, bananas and orange juice. We hope to sell an 8oz/250ml cup for €1.50. Great value for 2 of your 5 a day!

You can view the original Super Smoothie presentation here:

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