Ms Walsh

Mid-week Magnetism #scienceweek

Day three of Science Week 2015 in Craggagh NS involved magnets and dancing paperclips!


Today we tested the strength of magnets. We investigated how magnetic pull worked over varying distances.


We used squared paper to help measure the distance of the magnet’s pull.


To make a fair test, each group used the same type of magnet and similar magentic objects.

Our next step was to investigate the effect that a barrier had on the strength of the magnet.


We discovered that a thin piece of plastic had very little effect on the magnet’s pull, so we introduced a more substantial barrier. We placed paperclips on our desks and tested how the magnet worked from under the desk.


We found that while the magnet was not strong enough to move the paperclip very far, it did make the paperclip move from side to side. We thought it looked like the paperclip was dancing!

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