School News

Parent Association AGM

The AGM of our Parent Association was held last night, Oct 15, in the Community Centre.

2014/15 was a hugely successful first year, and our PA has been a great addition to our school.

€600 will be donated to the school for the purpose of updating the classroom libraries. This funding is most welcome as it will benefit every child in every class. It is also hoped that our modern dance classes will again be funded by the PA in the new year.

A talk is planned for the coming weeks on the topic of internet safety. A guest speaker from the NPC will attend. This evening will also allow parents the opportunity to discuss the school’s new Internet Acceptable Usage Policy which is currently at draft stage.

The committee elected for the 2015/16 school year is:

Chair: Mary McDonnell

Secretary: Margaret Hession

Treasurer: Kathleen Murphy

Assistant Chair: Yvonne Higgins

Assistant Treasurer: Barbara O Shea

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