School News

🐣Easter Egg Decorating!🐣

We had a brilliant day decorating our eggs with local artist Cas McCarthy.

We learned about egg decorating traditions from around the world including Japan, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and South Africa. Fragments of decorated eggs have been discovered that are 60,000 years old!

We striped the colour from our eggs using vinegar baths before dying our eggs again in a bath of food colouring and vinegar. We used wax crayons to create an interesting “resist” effect on our eggs, and we decorated using a range of materials such as Japaneese Washi Tape, natural dark and white sheep’s wool and even goldleaf!

This workshop was funded by the National Museum of Ireland, thank you to Tom Doyle and the Education Team at the museum in Turlough Park, and especially the wonderful Cas McCarthy for sharing her talents with us!