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May 2016

Planet Earth in Space

This week we are learning all about the Solar System. We are learning about our planet Earth and the other seven planets in the Solar System. We will be using books, pictures and the internet to research and learn more about this topic.

Here are a list of useful websites you can use to research this topic at home:



Lunchtime League



It’s Championship time!

This week, we’ll kick off our summer Lunchtime League with 4 teams made up of the boys and girls in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th classes.

The first round of matches will be played this Wednesday lunchtime. We hope to play our Championship Finals during our Sports Day. Best of luck everybody!

Craggagh NS – Lunchtime League


Amy Anna Cara Laura





Anna B










Cara H



Round 1:       Amy v Anna | Laura v Cara

Round 2:       Amy v Laura | Anna v Cara

Round 3:       Anna v Laura | Cara v Amy

Round 4:       Cara v Laura | Anna v Amy

Round 5:       Cara v Anna | Laura v Amy

Round 6:       Amy v Cara | Laura v Anna

(League positions decided by head-to-head first, then score difference)


Semi Finals

Semi 1: 1st Place  v 4th Place | Semi 2: 2nd place v 3rd Place



3rd/4th Playoff: Beaten Semi-finalist 1 v Beaten Semi-finalist 2

Championship Game: Semi 1 Winner v Semi 2 Winner

Wildflower Walk! We found wood sorrel, primroses, common dog violets and more!

Our school is situated in such a beautiful place! Just outside our school gate is a lovely, quiet road which hosts a plethora of wild flowers. These flowers are currently enjoying their moment in the sun before the deciduous trees overhead develop their canopy.

 Our task this morning was to find wildflowers and write a detailed description in our copies which we would then use to help us identify the flowers upon our return to the classroom.

We took note of the petals, describing their colour, shape and size and the number of petals. We also examined the stems and foliage. We found a huge variety with many shades of yellow, pink, purple and white.

When we returned to class, we used iPads, Chromebooks and laptops to identify all of our discoveries.

So far, we have identified

  • Primrose
  • Cowslip
  • Forget-me-not (field)
  • Lesser Celandine
  • Opposite leaved golden saxifrage
  • Common dog violet
  • Wood-sorrel
  • Cow Parsley
    We also found the foliage of the wood anemone but there’s no sign of their flowers just yet!

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