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December 2015

Christmas Handbells!

Joy To The World and Jingle Bells performed by 4th, 5th & 6th classes on Grandparents’ Day.

Christmas magic!

What an exciting day in Craggagh NS. Infants to 3rd class had a wonderful day in Horkans Garden Centre.

We decorated Christmas trees, planted bulbs and visited all the wonderful animals in Petworld.

The meerkats were watching us suspiciously from their perch.


We even saw some of Santa’s reindeer.







The biggest surprise of all however, was waiting for us when we came back to school. We came back to find two of Santa’s elves had paid us a visit! They had lots of fun while we were away…what a mess!!!








Just goes to show that Santa is even watching us in school!! Those mischievous elves are keeping an eye on everyone in Craggagh…even in the staff room!


Big Bad Ben – Infant Room

Big Bad Ben – Junior & Senior Infants

Part 1

Part 2


A Christmas Carol – 1st, 2nd & 3rd

A Christmas Carol – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Classes

Senior Room – KYMS

KYMS – Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Keep Your Mouth Shut | Synopsis

From 1947 to 1957 the Bureau of Military History recorded over 1,700 witness statements from veterans of the 1913-1921 era. One of these witnesses was Senator Seán T Ruane, who was appointed principal of our school, Craggagh NS in 1914. Our play is based on his statement.

The Kiltimagh Young Mens’ Society (KYMS) was established in 1903 as a drama club and is still active to this day. However, as with many organisations at that time, KYMS was infiltrated by members of the Irish Volunteers and used as a cover for their operations. KYMS produced a number of plays mostly dealing with the 1798 period, e.g. “The Rebel Chief” and “The West’s Awake” and is credited with doing much to stir local militant nationalism. Our protagonist, the young principal teacher Seán T, was president of this society, KYMS, which became known locally as “Keep Your Mouth Shut”.

Seán T’s militant leanings brought him into direct conflict with his school manager, Fr Denis O’Hara, himself a considerable force in his own right. Our play focuses initially on their complex relationship. Fr O’Hara although staunch parliamentarian and Redmondite, was a nationalist at heart especially after being attacked in his home by the “Black and Tans”.

Our play goes on to explore the activities of local men and women during and after Easter 1916, such as the acquisition of 14 rifles at a hold up in Balla (using only a brass tap!) and house raids in Kiltimagh. We also meet a very interesting young lady, Miss Gavin, a Post Office Assistant, who loses her job due to her sympathies with the leaders of the 1916 Rising.

The events in our drama happened right here in Craggagh, Kiltimagh and Balla and were played out by local people. Ordinary people in an extraordinary time.

Click here to read Seán T Ruane’s Witness Statement, on which our play is based.

Grandparents’ Day – Thank You

I think it’s fair to say that yesterday was a very successful day and a most enjoyable occasion. It would not, however, be possible to host such an event without the help and good-will of a large number of people. The list would simply have been too long to mention yesterday amidst all the hustle and bustle, and I certainly would have forgotten somebody!

Firstly to our teachers, who are so committed to providing as broad a curriculum as possible. These dramas and performances are very much a part of school life here in Craggagh and are a wonderful outlet for our pupils. This is largely down to the dedication and care of our wonderful staff Mrs Macken, Ms Walsh, Ms Moore, Ms McHale and Mrs Duffy and also to Ms Joan King for lending her expertise to the senior room.

Our hall was beautifully decorated. Our teachers and their little elves were very busy during the week and they were hugely assisted by Bernie & Tom Begley who added loads of fresh greenery and lights. A big thank you also to Martin Maloney who erected our large banner on the back wall. We had an extra dimension yesterday too with our coloured lights. Thank you to Mags Loftus for providing those.

What can we say about Santy?! A phenomenal amount of time and effort went into buying and wrapping individual presents for each child (and quite a few spares too!). Our very own Craggagh Santy is a treasure and we’re so lucky to have you. We know you’re extremely busy these days Santy, so thanks for thinking of us yesterday!


Seán Dwyer was on video duty again yesterday. Seán always provides great quality videos for us. Yesterday’s videos are currently being processed and should be online on our blog (WiFi permitting!) sometime over the weekend. 

The members of our Board of Management collected so many raffle prizes for our card games earlier this year that we actually had a few left over for yesterday. Thank you to them and especially to Trish O Brien for putting yesterday’s raffle together.

To the countless bakers and cooks who provided yet another wonderful spread, we are most grateful. Thank you to our Parent Association committee and members who worked feverously hard behind the scenes yesterday, making and serving tea and coffee, washing up and tidying the hall afterwards, thank you so much. It’s often such a thankless job but the opportunity of having a cuppa and a chat is the making of an occasion such as yesterday. Also, thank you to you the parents for providing such brilliant costumes and props for the children.

Finally, thank you to the children of Craggagh National School. You are a credit to your families, school and community and yesterday’s performances just go to show how wonderfully gifted and talented you all are.

Wishing you all a holly, jolly Christmas filled with love, happiness and lots of cake!


Danny Charlton.

Grandparents’ Day, Thursday Dec 17th 2015

You are invited!

Our festivities will begin at 11am.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbours, friends etc. all welcome!

Starting at 11am the running order is as follows:

Junior Room – Big Bad Ben (a nativity with a difference!)

Middle Room – A Christmas Carol

Senior Room – Keep Your Mouth Shut! (historical drama) & Christmas Handbells

Whole School – Christmas ensemble!

Tea/coffee and refreshments for adults will be served at this time

Sing Song! – It’s over to the floor! We invite all and anyone present to the stage(chair!) for a song, recital or whatever takes your fancy! Accompaniment will be provided (where possible!).

No excuses, get practicing!

(all children on the “good list” will get a treat during this time!)

We would greatly appreciate any home baking on the day. In previous years we’ve had nothing short of a feast!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Seanfhocal na Coicíse

 “Giorraíonn beirt bóthar!” – Two people shorten the road!

It’s a bit like “many hands make light work” or “A little help is worth a lot of pity!” but the Irish one is much more poetic!

Credit Union Art Winners! @kiltimaghcu

Art Winners 2015 pictured with Susan Gurren of Kiltimagh Credit Union

 Congratulations to everyone who took part in this years’ Credit Union Art competition. We had Susan Gurren out yesterday to announce the winners. Susan said the judges were very impressed with the entries to the competition this year.



7 years and under

1 Donal Keane, 2 Ellie Dunleavy, 3 Niamh McNicholas

8 – 10 years

1 Callaghan Wallis, 2 Vanessa McNicholas, 3 Niamh Kelly

11 – 13 years

1 Laura Rosney, 2 Ciara Kelly, 3 Cara Connolly

Congratulations to Scott McNicholas who also picked up  a prize and a very special “well done” to Noah Schloesser who was selected as an overall winner and came 3rd at chapter (county) level.

Susan also congratulated the children on their mighty efforts with their weekly savings club.

Thanks Susan!

Susan congratulating the students on their brilliant efforts!


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