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November 2015

St Louis Musical and Fighting Words Writers’ Workshops – Field Trips for 3rd – 6th Classes

FAO parents of children in 3rd – 6th clases

Two trips have been organised for the children of 3rd to 6th classes for next week.

On Tuesday (Nov 10), we will attend a performance of “Hairspray” by the TY students in St Louis Community School in the Town Hall Theatre.  The bus will depart the school at 10:45am.

fighting wordsOn Thursday (Nov 12), we will attend the Fighting Words writers’ workshop in the National Museum of Country Life. This is a creative writing programme founded by Roddy Doyle and only a small number of schools around the country are lucky enough to participate. The bus for this event will depart at 11:15am. We will also spend some time exploring the museum.

Letters are going home in school bags this evening. Please sign and return permission slips.


Planet Wildlife Comprehension

(classroom activity)

Planet Wildlife Comprehension

November issue number 46

Page 25

1. What does the blue whale primarily feed on?

2. Describe the mouth of the blue whale.

3. What occurs when the blue whale breaks the surface of the water?

4. How do whales communicate with each other?

5. Why were many blue whales killed in the past?

6. Describe the appearance of the angler fish.

7. How does the angler fish catch its prey?

8. What dolphin was known as the goddess of the Yangtze?

9. Why did this dolphin become extinct?

10. Why do you think China’s rivers are disappearing?

Fantastic Response To Shoebox Appeal 2015

Thank you to everybody who participated in our shoebox appeal. We had a fantastic response with 47 boxes in total, an amazing return considering there are just 33 families in the school.

The shoeboxes will very shortly be winging their way to Africa, just in time for Christmas.

Well done everybody!

You can view our previous post about the Christmas Shoebox Appeal here

Seanfhocal na Coicíse

Every fortnight we’ll be learning a new seanfhocal (Irish proverb). 

The seanfhocal will be visible right throughout the school and students are encouraged to use it as much as possible. 

Seanfhocal 2ú Samhain:

“Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb”


“A windy day is no day for thatching”

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